Co-operative Apprenticeship


Our Program

Our Co-operative Apprenticeship Programs are multi-year immersive educational experiences designed to practice project based reinforcement. All employee candidates work on real-world projects that involve using the information as they are learning it. Putting their newly acquired knowledge into practical application on a continuous basis, helps strengthen the lessons.  All projects are supplied and supported by the respective industry partners.

Customizable Development Sequence

This program features up to 60 college credit hours of course material selected by the industrial partner to help ensure each candidate’s customized program sequence will adequately prepare them for the exact employment position waiting. Each candidate also selects up to 30 additional credit hours of courses based on their own personal interests. All the credit hours of coursework are selected from or strongly supported by existing high quality on-line resources such as: edXCourseraUdacity, and MIT OpenCourseWare, etc. The coursework is accomplished in a project based learning mode under the guidance of hyQ Solutions mentors who help ensure the candidates stay on track through the use of properly framed questions, assigned reflections, and project work.

Module 1

Metacognition and Creative Thinking

Module 2

Intrinsic Motivation and Team Work

Module 3


Organization and Project Management

Module 4


Vision and Transformational Innovation