Robert “Bob” Setlock

Robert Setlock
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Robert is responsible for leading the development of  engineering content for hyQ Solutions programs.

As a Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Bob is responsible for developing and organizing engineering content for hyQ Solutions programs.  He also delivers engineering level programs for Q-Clinic and assists delivering other programs.  After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan, Bob was commissioned as an officer in the US Air Force, where he worked in the military space program.  His first assignment involved helping make sure special communication satellites were completely ready before launching them into space.  Next, as Commander for Global Positioning System (GPS) Launch Operations, Bob helped establish the first permanent payload processing operation at Cape Canaveral, transitioning the GPS program from developmental to operational status, regularly supplying new satellites to the on-orbit constellation.  During this time, Bob helped prepare military satellites for launch on Space Shuttle, Titan, Atlas, and Delta class launch vehicles, and every mission under his responsibility was successful.  He also conceived of and championed several important innovations that helped enhance national security through improved access to space.  After separating from the Air Force and working briefly with industry, Bob started his own business in 1993 for the purpose developing a novel innovation in pressure vessel design and fabrication.  In 2005, Bob put the pressure vessel program on hold and joined Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  While at Miami, he taught a wide variety of engineering courses and supervised senior design capstone projects.  In 2012, Bob began working on his own time after work to start Project High Flight, a four-year sequence of classes intended to help students enhance their creative thinking and innovation skills.  It was during this time that fellow Co-Founder, Jacqueline Vance, developed Creativity Focused Learning.

Now, as Co-Founder and Managing Partner of hyQ Solutions, Bob will continue promoting creative thinking by supporting efforts to help those who have already finished K-12.