About Us

What We Do

hyQ Solutions is the service arm of hyQ Academy working to make a difference empowering disadvantaged groups through engaging them in Creativity Focused Learning STEM activities. Creating an atmosphere for the youth to become actively engaged in science, engineering, technology, mathematics makes a difference in the way the youth views these subjects and willingness to pursue it.


Founded in 2016, hyQ Solutions is where ideas and innovations are developed for the commercial marketplace. hyQ Solutions offers coaching services and education programs for clients looking to gain an extra edge, by applying the benefits of Creativity Focus Learning™ to their work. The unique problem solving approach empowers people to use their full creative potential toward tackling challenges at work and in academia.

Creativity Focused Learning™ is a novel pedagogical process designed to encourage students to repeatedly exercise their creative thinking skills during the course of solving real world problems. The curriculum is presented in a way that encourages participants to shift their thinking regarding traditional ways of attaining knowledge and putting it to use. More specifically, Creativity Focused Learning™ involves exercising students’ divergent thinking abilities through the use of our specially developed divergent thinking exercises. The resulting change in mindset, fosters greater levels of autonomy and an enhanced capacity for creativity and innovation.